Thai BBQ and Hot Pot. One of the most popular dishes in Thailand. First time in the UK.

Off to school!

As a thank to our student fan base, we offer a student discount with 15% off the total bill.


Valid Student ID required. Exclusive of market set and alternative offers.


In the spirit of Chinese New Year, we add more ingredients to our carousel of flavours. Marinated beef rump, marinated mutton loin, crab sticks, to name a few.

£10.5 Market set

This includes broth, noodle, dipping sauce, 3 fully stacked Green Plate ingredients which can be selected from a range of marinated beef, pork belly, Choi Sum, tofu & etc. A total of 13 ingredients are available on Green Plates.

Offer includes Black Bird & Temple Brew broths.  £11.6 for Mala & Tom Yum broths.